Thursday, October 16, 2014

Viega is newest CBE member

Founded in 1899, The Viega Group manufactures and distributes plumbing, heating, and pipe-joining systems, and offers more than 3,000 products in North America. Viega is best known for innovative press technology systems for industrial, commercial, and residential projects, including everything that is needed for a complete radiant heating or cooling installation. They provide the tools, training, and technical support needed for a radiant project, and their products  can be easily integrated into building designs for overall energy efficiencies. Viega's extensive product offerings provide system designers with many options and choices, and include tubing, fittings, manifolds, controls, mixing stations, sensors, mats, panels, tracks, and plates.

The Davis Building at the University of Findlay in Findlay, Ohio,
installed a Viega radiant mat system and won first place in the
2014 ASHRAE Technology Awards. Image: Viega.

“We are honored to be associated with CBE,” said Mark Parent, Director of Product Management. “There is a lack of industry knowledge when it comes to radiant heating and cooling. Our hope is to help educate the industry on newer and more efficient technologies when designing commercial integrated hydronics systems.”

CBE’s recently received grant will be funding work related to radiant slab cooling, researching how to optimize radiant systems for maximum energy efficiency and comfort. This research will provide performance data to develop design and control guidelines. Viega and CBE are also collaborating to provide training sessions to leverage these research results to create innovative product advancements and design guidelines. Sessions are planned for May and November on both coasts, be on the lookout for further information soon.